Technology Element

We've come a long way since the 1st computer back in 1945. In the 4th Industrial Revolution, technology becomes everyday life: cryptography, CRISPR, health tech, AI, mobility, AR/VR. We will be outlining ethical initiatives in the space.

Digital DNA Age

15+ billion records breached globally since 2013. No info pre-2013. Data is your digital DNA. This may sound futuristic to you, but we have been paying with our data ever since social media and smartphones entered our lives.

Human Element

Fragmentation and lack of community are the death of your product. Behind every user ID, there is a human being that is entitled to rights and protection. Ethics are oxygen in growth and sustainability. Human to human before machine-to-machine.

You can't have Technology without Community backing it up. ...

Block Ethics is the space where every single interaction is valued. Time is precious, and being here means you have already made an investment. The return will be measured by the actionable advice you get, the knowledge you gain, the community you become part of and/or build, and the change you make in the world.

We start with blockchain-powered communities and progress to all relevant emerging technologies.

block ethics

Moving Forward...

Knowledge is Power. A well-informed individual is ten times more prepared for unforeseen events than someone who ignores the facts.