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What is the Purpose of

Block Ethics was launched with the purpose of bringing awareness (1) and offering actionable feedback (2) to companies who understand the underlying value of the community.  Users can benefit from education and an understanding of what they are entitled to, whereas companies and leaders get practical advice on how to conceptualize ethics into their product roadmap.

What are the industries and technologies that Block Ethics is serving?

Obviously, one of the major focuses of Block Ethics is the appropriate use of blockchain technology. Other industries that Block Ethics is serving are Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Mobility), Big Data & Research, Healthcare.

A special focus will be attributed to platforms that look to build an ecosystem where man and machine can co-exist.

Is BlockEthics a registered business?

For the moment, BlockEthics is a website powered by a solo-ownership company under its creator & "founder", Roxana Nasoi.

Should any business opportunities arise, the billing will be done from the consulting company owned by Roxana, under the laws of Romania and the European Union.

Plans of expansion will be discussed after year 1. Currently, Block Ethics is a community & ethics experiment, hoping to impact the space in a positive manner.